Our vision:  To bring to light the challenges that orphan kittens face in our community and shelters, and to teach others how they can get involved in saving the tiniest of lives. We aim to grow our foster network and eventually be able to take in every single orphan kitten request we receive. We are strong believers in humane education which is why we offer free orphan kitten brochures, orphan kitten care workshops, and shelter training seminars. Safe & Sound Kitten Rescue believes that all kittens, big or small, deserve a chance at a long and happy life.

We specialize in the rescue of orphaned kittens under 5 weeks of age.  These kittens require around the clock care.  Whether we intake kittens from our community, or pull them from the local shelter, we try to save as many as possible!
Our goal is to educate others on the challenges that orphan kittens face and teach them how to care for such a fragile population.  We provide FREE workshops and free brochures, as well as an emergency contact number.  We aim to always be accessible to those who need our help!
One of the biggest goals of Safe & Sound Kitten Rescue is to inspire others to get involved in kitten rescue!  It takes a village to save lives!  We want nothing more than our community to step up and want to help!
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